About Aleda Boyd

This is my writing / poetry website. If you are looking for my services on landscaping work, click HERE.

I always consider myself as a late bloomer, because I was still struggling in navigating through life in my mid 30s. Until I learned this particular word from Marie Forleo: multi-passionate.

Now, here I am, finally embracing my life as a Landscape Architect by day, and a writer / poet by night.

English is my second language, after Malay. My passion for it began when my Maths teacher suggested to the whole class to start journaling, as a way to train our brain to think in English. I quickly followed her advice, and, at the same time, used the balance pages of an old notebook to write my own fiction at the age of 15.

When I was 18, I had a friend, who was an Engineering student, took one of my poems to her English Class to be used by her lecturer as a lecture tool.

Two years later, I already had my 1st (unpublished) poetry collection (and it will remain unpublished because it makes me cringe lol).

However, I left poetry as I was busy pursuing my career in Landscape Architecture. Along the way, I entered an interesting relationship with an Emotionally Unavailable Man (EUM).

His presence in my life made me face my own childhood wounds and heal them. The beautiful, yet mostly tormenting, experience had inspired me to write and coach women on relationships.

The loss of a job I loved and my dad to cancer, as well as the debris from my EUM's own emotional wounds caused by his past divorce and financial setbacks had taken a toll in our relationship.

We parted ways after five long years, and decided to never going back to each other just recently.

I returned to poetry as part of my healing process.

My work is dedicated to introverted, highly-sensitive women like me, who are either:
- Struggling to find their way after experiencing loss. It can be divorce / breakup, death of a loved one, or things such as a failed business deal.
- Confused whether to move on or to keep on fighting for relationships that are no longer making them happy.

I hope to help them find love within themselves so that they can manifest conscious relationships, fulfilling careers, and meaningful life. Because I believe that souls can really heal through poetry.