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Content creation - use your strengths (what you already have) that are visually appealing. 

This means that before you create content, you have to create yourself first. 

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With millions of followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, advice from Jordan Yeoh, a Malaysian-based Fitness Model, on becoming a Successful Influencer.

But, the summary of his interview with business guru, Peng Joon is as follows:

✿ The idea to become an influencer starts with doing what you love but you decide to use social media to reach more people

✿ Be the best version of yourself, especially that relates to your craft and message. 

The better you get, the better your content is. 

✿ Starting out, you don't have to be an expert right away. 

The most important thing is to document the process and share your progress with your audience. 

It can be before & after photos, and behind-the-scenes moments. 

Jordan Yeoh before and after transformations, fitness guru Malaysia
Image credit: Jordan Yeoh

✿ Don't compare your behind-the-scenes process with other people's highlights. 

Initial following is important. 

Without a solid base, any content that goes viral may not gain momentum. 

✿ Content creation - use your strengths (what you already have) that are visually appealing. 

This means that before you create content, you have to create yourself first

When you are able to show good results, it becomes easier for people to accept your message. 

✿ Also on content creation - don't talk about theories but provide the audience with information in chunks for easy understanding. 

✿ Negative comments can be turned into good content. 

Don't take things personally but don't ignore them. 

Use their negativity into what that can benefit you e.g. memes. 

✿ There is no such thing as managing your time but more about commitment. 

Set your daily goal, like sharing one content per day etc. 

It can also be a repurposed content, if you are out of ideas. 

You can also use Stories to show your behind-the-scenes. 

Monetization - the easiest is from YouTube but it pays you very little. 

You can endorse something and become a paid influencer. 

Starting out can be really hard, but do your best, based on your truth and what you're good at. 

When you do something that you're good at, you won't feel as if it's a chore, and, so, you're are able to do it everyday. 

That's how you get better. 

Without becoming the better version of you, it'd be very difficult for you to monetize, even if you use ads. 

People still don't know who you are yet. 

✿ The most important ingredient in becoming a successful influencer is to have additional skills that could help you in content creation

The skills could be photo / video editing, speaking in front of the camera etc. 

This will give you more confidence. 

✿ When it comes to business, follow your gut feeling. 

If you feel that this MCO (Movement Control Order) is not the best time for you to sell stuff, but the opportunity for you to give back to the community, do it, despite what other entrepreneurs are doing. 

✿ Your craft should be your full time thing. 

But most people would become burn out hearing the phrase 'full time'. 

So, using other words, your craft should be your life

When it's your life, you can include your loved ones in it, unlike when it's just your full time job. 

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Starting out, it could be hard but believe that, when you're doing something positive, it will fulfill you. 

But when you're doing something negative, it will drain you, which is good because you will realize that you should be doing something else. 

✿ Be genuine and authentic. 

If you are being true to yourself, it will reflect on your reality. 

People will know that you are real. 

But, most importantly, trust yourself. 

Jordan Yeoh's advice binds closely with mastery of our craft

This is important because, only through ownership of our art, we become who the best version of ourselves, and obtain independence from other people. 

I end this blog post with a quote from Napoleon Hill:
I hope this helps!



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