S E L F - L O V E 

self love quote

Tonight I saw a truly beautiful,
Long and wavy raven-haired young woman,
Wearing a plunging, green empire dress,
Piercing eyes that speak nothing but the truth.
In her life, there were only two,
People from her past that she loved,
Who actually loved her right back,
And declared it with "I love you."
From her eyes, I know she's a warrior,
But I see her trembling, forcing a smile,
When I whisper to her with, "I love you."
As she returns my stare in the mirror.
Beginning to breathe rather heavily,
Surprised at how heavy yet powerful,
Those three simple words appear to her,
But relieved at the way I make her feel.
She now speaks of nothing; only kindness,
First to herself, then to many others,
That makes her beginning to live a life,
Full of magnificence and abundance.

(19th December 2017) 


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