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Fynn Jamal in Johor Bahru 2018


While I was silently battling with myself about going to Fynn Jamal's #inifynnjamalcakap: hijrah event because of some personal stuff, I received a DM from her that very night, telling me that she missed me and asking me to just attend.

It only proves that Allah really listens!

To make things even more beautiful, I arrived knowing that my name had already been written down in the list of participants.

I'm not sharing this to gloat about how important I was (I'm not, because she treats people with kindness all the time), but merely to highlight the little things she does that always make people feel heard and appreciated.

She's just that type of person - thoughtful and empathic - the biggest reason why I love her so much.

This friendship means a lot me, not due to her celebrity status, but because she's a powerful change maker, with more than a million followers, who still notices and acknowledges the existence of people like me (mungkin kerana hanya Introverts sahaja yang memahami dan menghargai sesama sendiri 😬).

Unlike my other friendships, we don't have to share personal stuff, other than our hijrah journey, but still feel so connected.

And we carry only the beautiful memories from the brief moments that we spend with one another until the next meeting.

No chance for negativity at all. Isn't it the best?

This is also one of the reasons I created this post - to keep remembering the beauty of it all.

... and to remind myself that we are the average 5 people that we spend our time with.

So choose wisely!

Anyway, the biggest thing for me was her humble, yet, clear-cut advice, last year, about what I could do to improve my relationship with my terminally-ill father, despite all the challenges.

The timing was just perfect, Subhanallah!

I experience a sense of peace, because I managed to practise what she suggested, just four days before he passed away.

To live life with no regret! Alhamdulillah!

Therefore, my dear Fynn Jamal, no matter where you are and what you do, may Allah always bless you.


This is the second time for me to wear hijab this year, after more than two years taking it off.

When I first met Fynn Jamal, I could recall whispering to her ear that I wanted to be just like her.

She answered, "pelan-pelan (perlahan-perlahan) kayuh," then, we both cried.

Yesterday, when I arrived at her #inifynnjamalcakap: hijrah event, she was already in front, doing some introduction.

I took the seat at the back, quietly.

Suddenly, she stopped speaking, asking whether it was really me.

She looked pleasantly surprised seeing me in a hijab. Before she could say anything, I quickly said that I was wearing it for the class.

She came rushing to me, hugging and kissing the back of my right ear, just like sisters who had been apart for too long.

While I managed to remain calm, she was actually tearing up a bit, perhaps too touched seeing how I looked that day.

One of the reasons why I love her classes / sessions is because of its size. The intimate setting allowed me to ask questions easily, apart from the fact that she's the least judgmental person in the world.

All of her answers come from 'I've been there' standpoint, so, to be vulnerable with her just comes naturally.

This time, I asked for her advice / encouragement to overcome my health challenges and start wearing the hijab (again).

In her perfectly curated words, she said that any sacrifice that we make for the sake of Allah will never go unnoticed.

Simple as that.

But to keep saying that I look as pretty as Neelofa was a bit too much, right? Haha

Click the above photo to view the picture taken when we first met 2 years ago (hope you don't mind me putting flowers stickers on your face since you were not yet a niqabi at that time).

Until next time, my friend, Fynn Jamal, insha Allah...

Article edited on 17th February 2019.

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