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I am an aspiring Minimalist - I paid off my debt, and I maintain a 9 years-old car. I also own a small (capsule, or so they call it) wardrobe because I hate clutter. For this, I have to get creative with my personal style to minimize buying new clothes.

I usually wear simple, basic, and timeless stuff, but, sometimes, I do add some personal touches. Since I don't own a big wardrobe, I tend to wear the same clothing items in different ways. And, when I have time, I create DIY accessories.

Since I'm located in Malaysia, things that I purchase are mostly the ones that are available here. Apart from the US, some of my fave stuff are from Australia, Korea, and Hong Kong, so I can't really feature the exact items for my international readers on this platform.

I'll try my best to pick the items that are most identical to what I actually own. Click on each picture below to shop for the look:



Minimalistic doesn't mean frugal. I may opt for a smaller wardrobe, but I choose clothing items with high quality materials, or so I plan!


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