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Traits of a Feminine Warrior

You have been following different kind of coaches, hoping for a miracle in your relationship.

You are yet to manifest the man of your dreams.

Even if you have found him, there are moments when he is unable to connect with you on a deep emotional level.

And your career and life remain the same, too. 

It's because you, sometimes, spiral back to old habits and patterns that you worked hard to heal.

And life is already hard as it is. You are tired from being busy and overwhelmed - the by-product of living in this modern world. 

The overuse of the word 'self-love' by these coaches makes you cringe, because they never really show how it's done, unless you pay for their programs.

Even the word self-development, at times, sounds heavy now.

To become the best version of ourselves, eventually, becomes a drag.

You don't need constant reminders to 'work on yourself'.

What if I tell you that, you can now:

Press pause. Let go of control. Live the moment. Enjoy the beauty of life. 

And you will realize that it isn't the end of your relationship, career and life.

Quite the contrary. 

Everything you do and touch will inspire lives.

You will experience nothing but beauty.

Because the world responds to your feminine radiance.

Feminine Energy Quotes | by Aleda Boyd

The Feminine Warrior

When you are a Feminine Warrior, you know that...

  • Being feminine doesn't mean weak - you are soft and gentle on the outside, but strong on the inside
  • Everything can be done in an elegant way, even for something as mundane as scrubbing the bathroom tiles
  • You don't need to be on top of the latest trends; you just stick to things that spark joy
  • A woman must have her own signature scent
  • You make decisions based on your heart's desires, not based on what is logical
  • Words in your head become the world that you live in
  • Your desired life is always a decision away
  • Nurturing and taking care of others come naturally to you, but you are not anyone's doormat
  • Perfection has no place in your life - you embrace your humanness
  • Love is not something to be pursued; it's within you   
  • Being in a relationship is wonderful, but a man's love is not your lifeline

When you are a Feminine Warrior, you understand that...
  • Wearing high heels and make up doesn't make you feminine. It all lies in your energy
  • You are independent and self-reliant, but being open to receive love and help from others is a form of bravery that many women don't have
  • The world doesn't end if you just stop and pause in life
  • Being demure doesn't mean you won't tell him what you want in bed or what you need in your relationship
  • Saying no to others, sometimes, means saying yes to you!
  • Being able to listen to someone is what makes you a great communicator; most people just wait for their turn to speak


Article edited on 17th February 2019.

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