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I learnt from Daria Zest, one of those business coaches that I follow, that there are 3 steps of ‘Conscious Creation’ (Law of Attraction) - the actual practical steps towards manifesting our dreams and desires in life. 

To create our success stories. 

They are:
Firstly, believing and trusting in something  -  the stage where we believe in the Law of Attraction and how it works, and we also believe that it’s possible to attract great things into our life.

Secondly, doing the work – the part where we perform mindset rituals or routines, do daily positive affirmations, journal and/or where we read wealth consciousness books etc.

Thirdly and finally, embodiment (or what I would also call essence) – the advanced level of conscious creation, which is the most important part that we have to practice to actually manifest all our desired outcomes in life. 

Even though there is nothing sophisticated or complicated about it, this is something that most women find difficult to do – to be that woman of success that she desires to be, and become the author of her own success story

I realized that I needed the feeling as if I am supported. Feeling as if my dreams are supported, even though I have established quite an I-don't-give-a-f**k attitude over the years. I don't actually need nods from others to go for what I want. 

And that should be the way, unless what we're doing is hurting those who are close to us or are tied to us (and our financial decisions). It's called being responsible. 

Of course, there are times when it's nice to be around with like-minded people - those who don't think we are crazy for having these dreams and desires.

One of the most important tips in manifesting our dreams and desires is being surrounded with people who vibe the same positive energy / frequency as us. Napoleon Hill calls this 'The Power of the Mastermind' - his 9th step towards riches, as written in his famous book 'Think and Grow Rich'

According to him, mastermind means coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.  

With that in mind, I made a point to accept an invitation from an acquaintance from one of those Facebook support groups for (aspiring) coaches and service-based entrepreneurs to meet up in Singapore. Sometimes, we can feel a little lonely doing everything on our own. 

For me, the purpose for this brunch date was to exchange ideas on our individual plans to translate our dreams and desires into physical reward

I was excited for this day, so I wrote my expectations for this meet up using Bob Proctor-inspired scripting technique, approximately an hour before I was scheduled to leave home. 

Of course, life happens. 

What happened throughout the day was nothing like I had scripted it before. And I was left sitting on the shoe rack, devastated.


I felt like calling it a day, because I was already late. Time was running out; I had to make a decision fast. 

All I thought was about what I have been telling myself: to really embody the feminine warrior that I am - to show up for myself

Yes, I wasn't doing this to please my friend or anyone. I was doing it to get me closer to the woman that I want to be and the dreams that I want to manifest. 

I will do anything for me, with my 'no matter what' mentality

Without hesitating, I told my mum that I would be driving to Singapore. Alone.  

Harding Cafe Dempsey Road

It's not like I hadn't driven into and in Singapore before. Only this time, I had to do it alone, without any plans and preparations. I just grabbed the essentials that I could remember.

I forgot one important card to make sure I could return to Malaysia hassle-free, but, luckily I could use my Identity Card as a replacement. The rest went smoothly.

I was glad as I reached the venue - Dempsey Hill. My kind of place! What else could I ask for - free parking, white colonial buildings, lush greenery, Balinese statues, fish pond and water features... 

The conversation was great, as we were enjoying our lunch. We spoke of aspirations, motivations, financial decisions, future plans, and even daily routines... 

Our journeys are quite similar, even though not the same.


We speak the same language, and, the best part of the conversation is the fact that we could motivate each other, despite being total strangers.

Balinese statues Dempsey Road


As the brunch date was over, we said goodbye and I decided to be with myself at this new place for a while. 

I took a walk to watch the koi fish and satiate my cravings for nature from watching the water feature nearby. The weather was sunny but a bit windy, suitable for me to explore the area by walking. 

Lush greenery near Harding Restaurant, Dempsey Road

Statue near Harding Restaurant, Dempsey Road

Pasardina, Balinese furniture outlet at Dempsey Road

Driving to have a brunch date with a friend is actually normal. Nothing special, actually. 

But I view the experience from a different perspective. 

It was actually, not a meetup with a friend, but, rather, a date with myself

Landscape at Dover Street Market, Dempsey, Singapore

Being an Introvert, sometimes, I can't help but being scared of a lot of things. I even feel agoraphobic many times. 

Staying home, particularly in my room, is just safe for me. And leaving the comfort of our own home to just do things unplanned can lead to magical moments in our life.

I believe you have also experienced this.

As a summary, life will never happen the way we plan it. So, no matter how organized and careful we are, what always matters is LIVING IN THE PRESENT. Embody the Feminine Woman that you already are, and make your life decisions from there

The future is something for us to look forward to, but it's not an escape from what is. 

We may face struggles and challenges today, but, remember, our today will be a yesterday in the future

So, let's paint our life beautifully each minute. Be that woman that you dream to be - starting now. 

Napoleon Hill quotes, quotes on the Law of Attraction
"Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul,  the blueprints of your ultimate achievement. - Napoleon Hill

Lots of love,

Article edited on 17th February 2019.


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