We put so much effort to take care of our body. 

We exercise to get that perfect bikini figures. 

We eat healthily to feed each cell in our body. 

We use high quality skincare products onto our skin. 

We wear the most flattering clothes. 

Yet, we tend to ignore the essence of who we really are. 

We have forgotten to nourish our soul. 

Our spirit. Our heart. Our core. 

We seem to neglect something that we are going to live with forever (our soul) but focus so much on the things that we might leave one day (our body).

Our physical body changes and also ages. 

It even dies. 

For those who believe in the life after death like me, we are actually souls that live in physical bodies, not the other way around.

Our soul is eternal! We are just travelers on this earth and we shall return to our Home one day.

It’s not about what we physically portray that determine who we are. If you haven’t heard of it already, beauty is actually just skin deep

Rather, what we observe, think of, listen to and talk about is the food for our soul.

These things make us who we really are.

If you don’t believe me, have you seen a stunning woman who is cruel to animals and rude to everyone? 

Would you still see her as beautiful?

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You get what I mean, right? 

Now, how do we know that we desperately need to nourish our soul?

We are unsatisfied with our life, no matter how much we have. 

To others, we are lucky but, yet, we don’t feel fortunate at all. 

We can’t seem to fill the void that we feel inside our heart even though we try to ease it with worldly luxuries and wealth, as well as with various relationships with people. 

To make it even worse, we resolve to things, such as drugs, alcohol, sex and/or other negative substances just to find the substitute to real happiness. 

Yes. Regardless of who we are and what kind of spirituality that we have, all we crave for is happiness or some people prefer to call it as joy.

The truth is, happiness is, actually, a decision, not a destination

Since it is a decision, we have to take care of our soul. But how do we do that?

Like I mentioned earlier, we can nourish our soul by paying attention to:

#1 Nourish your soul through observation 

Are we the type of person to enjoy porn, negative news, gossips or, simply, the faults of others? 

Or do we only focus on the gifts and blessings in this life

For example, when a relationship doesn’t work, do we see it as the end of the relationship or is it the beginning of a new adventure in life? 

We all know that we can’t control what happens to us, but we can control on how we perceive it. 

Do we choose to become a victim in bad situations, or do we decide to be empowered?

#2 Nourish your soul through your thoughts

Are we obsessed on our passion and that dreams, we forget God, who is the ultimate Master Planner / Designer of our life? 

Or do we spend most of the time that we have in a day just to engage in the remembrance of God that all our daily tasks seem to become easier?

Do we excessively pine to win the love of someone to the point of idolizing him/her that we forget to redirect our true life goals?

Our mind has a life on its own. 

Therefore, it is impossible to control it all the time. 

The idea is to live the moment; do one thing at a time by giving our fullest attention to our current task at hand, such as washing the dishes or lathering lotion onto our skin. 

When we are skilled at focusing on the present moment, whatever we do almost becomes like a form of meditation. 

I have learnt this concept from Eckhart Tolle:

#3 Nourish your soul through what you listen to

The music that we listen to… is it bringing values to our life? 

Or is it used simply just to numb our mind from feeling all the pain and sufferings?

Do we enjoy listening to gossips or do we fill up our time with religious and/or motivational lectures or audios?

Being an Empath, my emotions are easily affected by my surroundings. 

Hence, I used to suffer a lot. 

However, I have discovered a way to keep myself from negativity. 

I download a lot of motivational audio books. 

I would listen to them over and over every time I get dressed to work or when I have to go through traffic jams. 

I would also put them on when I feel the need to renew my energy, especially during stressful times or before I go to bed. Tony Robbins is a must in my mobile phone.

I also find Quranic verses soothing and relaxing, compared to music. 

I keep them in my mobile phone and I would play them in a specific playlist each night before I go to bed or when I am overwhelmed with worries and anxieties. 

The best is the Ruqyah

Being accustomed to this, I find it no longer necessary to download the latest songs on the radio. 

Quranic verses are enough for me.

#4 Nourish your soul through what you talk about

Are we passionate about life? 

Or do we only talk about life’s tragedies?

Do we use the gift of our tongues to remind others of their purpose in life, or do we use it to hurt people?

This is the biggest indicator on how I would choose a friend. 

Knowing how easily I absorb energies as an Empath, I would only welcome people who talk about their passion, dreams, ideas etc. to be around me. 

Meditations work the best for me.

For negative people that I can’t seem to avoid, I have developed a skill to create an invisible shield around me to prevent their negativity to affect me. 

I may sit on the same table or travel in the same car with them, but I won’t hear a thing they say. 

From today onward, let’s make taking care of our soul as our top priority. 

I am not perfect, as none of us are. 

According to John Gray, as women, our emotions are like waves

There are times when I feel so overwhelmed with life that I need a lot of retrospection and inner work. 

This blog post is not aimed to lecture anyone.

It is something that I need for my emotional housekeeping and, I think, it is also important to share it publicly. 

As mere humans, we are not immune from making mistakes and forgetting who we really are – the chosen vicegerent on earth. 

And, only with our soul, we shall meet our Creator one day. 

I hope you will join me on my journey to feed my soul, and enriching others’ lives along the way. 

I would like to share a quote by Yasmin Mogahed if you choose this path with me...

Now, how do you nourish your soul?



  1. Beautiful blog Aleda - keep up the good work!

  2. I was about to end myself and this helped me a lot..

  3. I was about to end myself and this helped me a lot..

    1. Monika... please join our community (link at the end of this article). We would like to be there for you...

  4. Hi Aleda! Yes! Nourishing the heart is so important, listening to all that we feel, abiding with those parts that are calling out in need.

    From a man's perspective, I have the unique view of the divine feminine being cared for in a masculine vessel, as well as witnessing women struggle with this aspect of themselves.

    We live in a world of great pain, ignorance, and desire, but all are here to reveal those places within that need attention, love and healing.

    For many years I lived falsely, hiding behind the mask of "Man," refusing to nurture, but rather I challenged those parts that had arisen to be loved. I felt weak, insecure, and overcome with emotions, but much of the time could not reveal this for fear of what I would become, or what others might think.

    Truly, it was only through the embracing of those fears, emotional debris, the loving of the divine feminine, that only then was my masculine allowed to proceed forth in the innocence of the heart with healing. To be love.

    Ironically, as hard as my journey as been, I see this same struggle in women, to embrace and nurture, to be worthy, good enough, beautiful, maybe even more so than men at times.

    And its a delicate balance, of both dark and light that bring to bare our full potential as the love we already are.

    Its so good to be connected, and see others, especially women embracing nurturing, the heart, and loving the divine feminine.

    Maybe the real challenge will be when we all start embracing the divine masculine? What that looks like, how it feels, all while holding the heart in the nurturing place of the divine feminine.

    Blessing, much love and gratitude for you! :)

    1. Beautifully written! I am in absolute joy to have crossed path with a truly masculine man who discovers inner peace while getting in touch with his feminine energy.

      You must have read so many articles on women embracing their feminine energy, and none specifically mention on the importance of embracing their masculine energy.

      To me, no energy is better than the other. There are created for balance in this world, like night and day.

      I am in my most feminine when I am taking care of myself, and when I am with my loved ones, especially my man.

      On the other hand, I am masculine when I am pursuing my desires and dreams. Also when I am in charge of the well being of my family members. Masculine energy directs me to the actions that are needed. I am glad that you are in my community. This is a learning journey for me.


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