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Being #thefemininewarrior: My Danielle Laporte Inspired Life Goals using Core Desired Feelings | Aleda Boyd

I see many people get so excited working on their life goals and New Year resolutions at the beginning of the year. And, yet, only a few actually achieve them. 

Some even have love-hate relationship with goals. When they achieve the goals, the still feel like a loser, because they think that they should’ve aimed for higher goals, or that they should’ve achieved the goals earlier.Madness, huh?

It took me the whole 4th week of December and another two weeks of January to finally come out with my new goal. What is my goal?
Quotes on Finding Your Passion or True Calling | Aleda Boyd

This time, instead of making a to-do list for a bunch of stuff that I might hardly remember a few weeks later, I choose to do things that make me happy. Well, how do I know if I am happy? 

According to Gandhi: 
Quotes by Gandhi on Happiness

That is the Law of Attraction - what we think, say and do are in alignment with what we want.

Well, isn’t that the whole purpose of life, right?
    Danielle LaPorte Desire Map Book

Therefore, inspired by Danielle LaPorte's Desire MapI decided to work my goals based on what feels good on my core (my heart), here’s my plan on how to achieve my core desired feelings:


 · I decide to live my life according to my own rules, and not the society’s norm and other people’s ‘shouldas’.

· I have made up my mind to continue preparing myself financially to leave my job at any time if it no longer serves me emotionally and once I have mastered the skills needed. 

· I plan to stay friends with those who help me grow as a person and cut off ties with energy vampires/negative people.

· I decide to work on having a career that allows me to be geographically independent. 

· I plan to only do things and show up for events that make my soul happy.

· I will never let fear influence any decision I am about to make.


· I choose to think that failures are vehicles for self-growth, instead of allowing them to stop me from achieving my dreams. 

· I decide to use kind words when communicating with others, even when I am angry, and curse less (not that I curse a lot).

· I want to treat others how I want to be treated.

· I commit to be present and live the moment by appreciating every minute spent with loved ones.

· I plan to observe and understand the love language of those close to me and try my best to give it to them.

· I will practice to delay my reaction when I am angry.

Danielle LaPorte's Jewelry
Danielle LaPorte's Jewelry Collection


· I choose to only be with someone who is physically and emotionally available for me.

· I opt for open communication. Always. 

· I will not settle for less than what I want, even if it means that I have to be single for quite some time. 

· I have made up my mind to rather enjoy my single life than stay in physically/emotionally abusive relationship/marriage like some people I know.

· I decide to stick with the mindset that love, friendship and partnership come first; marriage is only an icing on the cake. It is a bonus to a great relationship.


· I decide to continue giving up the need to control any outcome. I try my best but I put my faith in God.

· I commit to make gratitude lists as often as I can.

· I choose to focus on my own deeds, rather than judging others who commit sins or make mistakes.

· When something is against my soul, I will walk away drama free and trust that God will direct me towards something better.

· I decide to focus more on my breathing and meditate (with Zikrullah) as much as I can for my inner peace.

· I will never forget the power of a prayer.



· I go for the mindset that no one in the world plans to hurt others; they are only for themselves.

· I opt for forgiveness. Feel sorry for them for not knowing what I know.

· I decide to understand that everyone’s path is different, instead of imposing my beliefs or methods on him or her.

· Everybody is innocent until proven guilty.

· Each of us faces battles that people do not know, so I will try my best to put myself in their shoes.

· Everyone always has his or her good side, so I will always find good things in people.


· I commit to spend more time with family and loved ones.

· I plan to play with children more and learn from them.

· The work that I do while procrastinating is what I am going to be doing for the rest of my life. For me, it is #1 writing and #2 coaching.

· In life, I choose precious time with loved ones over useless material things to show love.

· I opt for being alone (read: not being lonely) in my room for writing and soul searching, instead of spending time listening to people gossiping and speaking ill of each other.

· I attempt to purchase only non-iron clothes.

· Nothing in life has any meaning, except the meaning you give it. – Tony Robbins


· I commit to only see things in abundance.

· I plan to pay it forward to generate the feeling of abundance.

· I commit to make my passion my paycheck.

· I choose to continue working on making my passive income more than my ACTIVE income.

· I decide to avoid the rat race by categorizing all material things that I want to buy into ‘WANTS’ and ‘NEEDS’, and choose to purchase the ones that I truly NEED. For example, I buy a new pair of pants because the old one is discoloured or torn, not because it is the latest trend.

· I plan to suffer having lack of rest for working on my passion, than wasting my time away watching useless TV programs/reruns or playing video games.


· I try to speak less and listen more.

Quotes on Being a Feminine Woman | Aleda Boyd

· I decide to take care of my health and fitness better.

· I choose to stay lean back and stay in my feminine energy most of the time.· I will buy cute little things to make myself feel pretty once in a while.

· I commit to only high quality products onto my skin. No cheap skincare and makeup.

· I will ensure that me in public and me in private are the same person.

· I decide to stay away from gossips and negative discussions, as they affect my positive energy.

· I choose my own personal style, rather than becoming a slave of fashion.

If you like this blog post and are new to Danielle LaPorte, you may watch her interview with Marie Forleo on goal-setting like a true feminine woman using Core Desired Feelings:

Stay extraordinary!

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