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It is never about looks. 

Looks may attract his attention, but what makes him stay in the long run is the energy that a woman sends out. 

In this case, it is her feminine energy

And that is her power.

She is confident and secure in her own skin. 

She does not need to chase a man. 

All she does is become loving, welcoming, relaxed and laid back when she is with him. 

Being a feminine woman, her other traits:

Feminine Trait #1: She creates a safe place for him to be vulnerable

A feminine woman knows that the art of communication lies in her ability to listen.

In every conversation with him, she genuinely seeks to understand before her needs to be understood.

At the same time, she is not judgmental towards his lack and weaknesses. 

Because of this, she creates a safe place for her man to be vulnerable with her - a space for him to share his deepest fears and wildest dreams

She is always supportive of his ambitions. 

She is always there to support and encourage him when the whole world is against him

When he fails, she tells him that it is okay and tells him to keep going.

However, she only does this when he asks for it, especially during his problem-solving mode.

Feminine Trait #2: She is his oasis from the desert storm

She is his sanctuary, where he can retreat from his busy and challenging masculine world.

In this case, it is usually his career and other responsibilities. 

She welcomes him home with her feminine energy, such as a loving smile and a listening ear

"Every man needs feminine energy that he can come home to at the end of the day." - Aleda

She never complains.

Nagging and complaining are examples of wounded masculine energy that he does not need from his woman.

She also knows how to get her needs met, without being needy.

This is an art that not many woman understand.

Because of her feminine energy, she always accepts what is and knows how to manage her expectations.

During conflicts, she always delay her reactions when she is angry

This is because she is aware that not everything deserves her reaction.

She knows better than to compete with her man.

Whatever happens, she always chooses to prioritize love, instead of the need to be right and win arguments.

Even during a fight, she never resolves to shouting, because that takes away her power as a feminine woman.

She knows that, sometimes, silence is the best answer.

Feminine Trait #3: She trusts him

A feminine woman provides her man the trust that he needs. 

She is secure and confident, thus, she does not need to call him every five minutes to know his whereabouts. 

To check his phone hasn't even crossed her mind.

She just trusts him. 

If she doesn't, why would she be with him, right?

If he breaks that trust, it is his problem, not hers.

As a feminine woman, she is clear on her deal breakers and red flags.

She knows how to set healthy boundaries, which make him respect her more.

Feminine Trait #4: She accepts him for who he is

Acceptance from his own woman is important for a man. 

A feminine woman understands this really well.

His struggles and flaws.

Therefore, she knows how to make him feel safe, to be his imperfect self while encouranging him to be the best version of himself.

She knows better to lure him with honey (positive and encouraging words and actions), instead of vinegar (complains and criticism).

This entices him to do more of what makes her happy.

Seeing her happy face, he is happy, too.

Additionally, a feminine woman has sex with her man because she wants to, not because she needs to make him fall in love with her.

She knows that sex only deepens his existing feelings towards her.

This shows that she is self-assured and in complete control of her body.

For that, he feels safe being around her energy. 

Feminine Trait #5: She trusts his leadership

A feminine woman who loves herself trusts the leadership of her man. 

She lets him decide what is best for their relationship. 

She shows her trust towards him with both her words and actions.

She understands that he is trying his best to be the ideal man for her and the relationship or marriage. 

Therefore, she never tries to nag at him. 

She lets him set the pace of the relationship.

It is because, she lives in the present moment.

She has dreams and desires, but she doesn't need anyone to fulfill them for her.

Therefore, she doesn't project her insecurities into the relationship.

And, whenever he retreats from the relationship because of the challenges he faces at work, she trusts that he knows what to do.

In the meantime, she just lives her life outside of the relationship, until he comes back.


There is power in feminine energy.

Her calming energy flows like water.

This makes her a rare jewel that no masculine / alpha man wants to let go of. 

Because of her addictive softness, he can't help but to fall in love with her. 

"Once made equal to man, woman becomes his superior." - Socrates


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