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Art of Words Translation, Editing and Proofreading Service.

Art of Words Translation / Editing and Proofreading Services. It's a bit funny how it even started. Looking back, I used to proofread my friends' thesis papers during my varsity days back there in IIUM. I didn't charge a penny but a friend did give me a white teddy bear as a thank you gift. Now, it's with my niece. 

Anyway, back then, I didn't know it could make money until early last year (2011). I was browsing through the net and I found one company that offers this kind of service and was looking for a part time staff

I applied and how glad I was when the owner, Puan Sophie, gave me one scientific article to proofread. I didn't know much but she patiently taught me how to do it professionally. Only then, she began to give me more and more documents to be completed until I decided to advertise this service on my own. 

It may not seem pleasant for those who hates working with details but, to me, it was therapeutic. I could be so involved with something and if I get a bit bored, I do it in front of the TV. What I mean is that it's super easy and it doesn't cost much, just electricity and lots of snacks (haha). 

If I'm a bit busy with other things, I would hire part time staff on my own. Of course, I select my staff carefully because I hate to correct other people's work. Remind you, I can be irritatingly detailed in my work.

So, what is proofreading? It only covers punctuation, capitalization and spelling errors. What about editing? Well, editing covers all punctuation, capitalization and spelling errors as well as linguistic / grammar mistakes. For editing, I also rewrite clients' sentences when necessary. However, I do not do assignments for clients and check organization of ideas in a document.



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  2. Editing is what you begin doing as soon as you finish your first draft. You reread your draft to see, for example, whether the paper is well-organized, the transitions between paragraphs are smooth, and your evidence really backs up your argument....!!

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