Free Online Photo Editing Software

I just discovered a very funky free online photo editor software, BeFunky. This software allows you to do basic editing, like crop, brighten/contrast, hue/saturation, rotate/flip and lots more.  

Let me give you one simple example. tried to edit one of my photos where I took when I was riding a cable car back there in Genting Highlands early this year. The following is the photo before being edited:

Boring original photo muka pening naik skyway sampai 15 minit

Now, here is the photo after being edited. I had used only a few tools. First, I used EFFECTS - CROSS PROCESS - CROSS PROCESS 1. Of course, I adjusted the effect amount. 

Then, at the very bottom, I simply typed 'Exquisitely Aleda' upon selecting TEXT - BASIC FONTS - LET'S TRACE. Do make sure to move the text box to the desired location before clicking on 'applied'.

Photo after cross process with text at bottom

Now, let's add EFFECTS - POP ART - POP ART 11. Just for fun.
Pop Art Effect

If you think it's kinda boring, let's try to be a little crazy. Well, I select on GOODIES - FACIAL for the glasses. You can edit the size and orientation of the glasses to fit your face. Then, I simply add the necklace using GOODIES - ACCESORIES. Tada!

Memang tak akan beli rantai ala ala hip hop camni. Tu yang guna effect je nak tengok macam mana rupa.

Or try another photo. This time is a scenery of Taman Merdeka, Johore Bahru, that I took when I was jogging with my mum.
Original photo
For the second photo, I just select EFFECTS - VIEWFINDER 6 for the filter. Then, I just click on FRAMES - FILMSTRIP. Voila!
Photo with Viewfinder 6 effect and filmstrip frame

 Give it a try!

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