I Fell in Love with K-Pop Because of 2PM

It's an old video (and old song) but I just love it so much. I found it in Youtube. Have to listen to the song, like, at least, once a day. 2PM has totally changed my perception towards K-Pop! They focus on making great music instead of trying to look pretty with lame songs. They do not only sing and dance but they do acrobatics as well! I can listen to them over and over...

My current fave. I have to listen to this everyday! I have set 'Hands Up' as my ringtone. 

At first, I was so crazy about Junsu Kim. I love his eyes (maybe it was his eyeliner that does it, haha!). He has a very deep voice and he always sings the chorus. 

My fave pic of Junsu
However, after watching Taecyeon in Cinderella's Stepsister as someone so naive and innocent as opposed of his energetic self when performing with 2PM, I kinda like him, too, now. What I know is that Tac wanted to just be a model when auditioning at JYP but they told him to rap. Yeah, he raps in a very cool way.


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