Aiskrim Goreng, Nasi Ayam Bakar and Durian Goreng!

Me wearing a dangling brooch  as an earring that I sell online. Muka pun comot sebab tak mekap.
It was just an ordinary day.

But, that night, my sister took just me and Ibu to Pandan City for dinner. I must confess, I had never gone there. Nonetheless, it was such a great dinner!

How to go there?

Can you guess what both my sister and my mum were enjoying? Tak dapat hadiah tau.

Ibu was eating her ais krim goreng.

Fried ice cream ( aiskrim goreng)! Mine was Oreo Fried Ice Cream (Cookies and Cream). Not to forget, the vendor was cute too (malu kalau my sister baca this post)! Heh!

Ais Krim Goreng Oreo flavour.

Main course for me was Nasi Ayam Bakar (Baked Chicken Rice). It tasted like sate but without the sauce. Heaven! 
Baked Chicken Rice.

For the desert (cop cop, betul ke eja camni?), fried durian (durian goreng) sumpah sedap walaupun saya tak makan durian. Sooooooo nice!

Durian goreng
In conclusion, don't judge a book by its cover! The place may be a bit hawker-stall like, but the food is really nice!


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