Happy Birthday, Sultan of Johor!

Daulat Tuanku. It was a sunny day and we decided to have a close look at the event of Hari Keputeraan of Sultan Ibrahim, the Sultan of Johor. This is the second time our Sultan celebrates His birthday as the Sultan.

People walking towards the venue of the event.

The four of us had to walk a few hundred metres.

The event was held at Dataran Bandaraya Johor Bahru.

Make way for one of the cakes!

Another cake.

One of the dishes for the people of Johor.

A road map of Johor Bahru as a birthday cake.

A loving couple.

One of the tourists actually caught me snapping her photo!

Mini roti canai with sambal ikan bilis. No need to explain more. Simply delicious.

Now, who was this, singing in a bright red dress?

Of course, it was not me.

It was Elly Mazlein! Couldn't you guess?

Despite the crowd, Sultan Ibrahim smiled for my camera after a brief chat with my mum.

Then, there was TMJ. Ibu was super excited.

From a distance away, it was like a miracle to be able to snap this picture. Tunku Aminah actually looked directly to my camera and gave her sweetest smile.


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