Poetry and Art Expressions: Regret

Digital art Regret with image of Lady Gaga

I remember telling  you on the last time I saw you,
That it was like a dream to be in your car and to have dinner with you,
But I didn’t say no to him when I really wanted you in my hotel room,
While the night was still accompanied by the beauty of the moon,
To turn a deaf ear when he made that call,
For I need to know how it felt to have you within those four walls,
It took me many years to really look back and realize,
I had lost you that night with that handshake as your silent goodbye,
I had chosen to be with him instead of you,
Only to feel tragic, now, listening to ‘Greatest View’,
We are no longer who we used to be,
But all the changes can never alter the way I feel,
I want to go back dreaming about you in my bed,
Looking deep in to your soul and never feel afraid,
To be so in love with you that it becomes painful inside,
To wait for you to come to me using that path with dramatic light,
To share the same passion that none of us could ignore,
And become strong having my hand clutching yours,
To have the world goes to mute mode at the sights of you,
When you look away, I shall whisper to you that I love you,
Hoping to still be that beautiful girl in your eyes,
And return to feel close living under the same blue sky,
I’ll give up everything just to be with you now,
And take you away from whoever you are with, somehow,
Hoping that there is still a small space for me in your heart,
So we can run away for a brand new start,
I can’t love anyone else the way I had loved you,
And no one can make me feel the way that you do,
There is only one last thing that I need you to know,
If you let me love you again, I swear I’ll never let you go…



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