Natural Healing of Cancer - How to Cure Cancer without Medication

Natural healing of cancer

According to Wikipedia, Cancer is a large, heterogenous class of diseases in which a group of cells display uncontrolled growth, invasion that intrudes upon and destroys adjacent tissues, and often metastasizes, wherein the tumor cells spread to other locations in the body via the lymphatic system or through the bloodstreams.

I have friend who has cancer for many years now. We were not really close friend, initially, but it was her cancer that made us friends. I was attending health classes every Tuesday and I had learnt so much. And cancer is one of them.

Before this, I only knew that cancer or any disease in particular can only be treated just from going to the doctor and follow the procedure of treatments combined with medication that must be taken accordingly. 

Only after I knew this nutritionist, I found out that any illness can be treated with three methods:
  1. Going to the doctor - medical, treatments
  2. Nutrition
  3. Alternative medicine - acupunture, shaman etc.

Suddenly, I just feel that I need to share what I know. What I can't forget is that, my nutritionist had said that cancer is one of many diseases that are easily treated using nutrition. One of my lecturers, who also had cancer, was also taught about what I'm about to share with you. And she is now cancer free.Alhamdulillah.

First, you need to know that we all have cancer cells in our body.It is either the cells are active or otherwise. Referring to Wikipedia again, cancer can be caused by environmental factors and also genetic factors. Examples of environmental factors are polluted air, synthetic flavouring / colouring in food.

So, if you have cancer, what can you do?

  1. Go to the doctor and get your disease properly diagnosed.If it's really cancer, DO NOT agree if your doctor says that he want you to undergo any operation just for him to be sure i.e. biopsy. (I'll explain later)
  2. Positive thinking.
  3. Drink freshly squeezed juices and take your fruits and vegies from five colours - orange for cell protection, red for cells' health and function, green for cell regulation, white for healthy white blood cells and purple for antioxidant (Ammagram July 2010, page 16).
  4. Take protein
  5. Avoid fast food, carbohydrate (acidic).
  6. Reduce red meat intake (acidic). We, humans, need nutritions to grow while cancer cells thrive in acidic environment.Acidic environment is a medium for cancer cells to grow. 
  7. Reduce consumption of solid food as 80% of energy is used for digestion. By taking fluids, the energy is focused on natural healing.
  8. Detox
  9. Continue taking supplements (opt for organic)
  10. Avoid artificial sugar and replace with honey
  11. Increase oxygen - good to slow down growth of cancer cells. 
  12. Make sure immune system is improved. Take supplements that contain Echinacea for its influence on immune cell proliferation, antibody production and antiviral activities.
  13. A good night sleep. 8pm to 3am is the optimal period where the body is replacing red blood cells for recovery.

As I mentioned earlier, those who have just been diagnosed with cancer must not agree to undergo biopsy. From what my nutritionist had shared with me and my friend, immune system in our body acts as a police station where all foreign matter (including cancer cells) are naturally eliminated from our body. The police (immune system) will conquer and surround the bad guys (cancer cells) and put them in prison (prevent the cancer cells from growing to the extent of being eliminated 100% from the body).  Only when there is more bad guys (cancer cells)than what the police (immune system) can handle, that's where we get cancer.This happens when our body is exposed to too much of cancer causing factors, as I have mentioned earlier, that your body is unable to perform natural healing.So, what the doctor does during biopsy is that he might disturbs the prison (healing) that kept the bad guys (cancer cells) from escaping (spread to the body). Once he does, that's when your cancer gets to stage 4. 

Hope this article helps those with cancer and also those who wish to prevent cancer. ;)

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