The Hana Tajima - Yuna Craze

Who is Hana Tajima?

She is a fashion designer from London. People may not know her...
Hana Tajima

...until she met Yuna.

Everyone is so fascinated by them. Their styles are copied. More and more hijab styles evolve from them. I guess, there is really such thing as Yuna craze out there. That includes me, I guess..

Yuna on Eh! cover
Yuna on Eh! magazine cover

I found this combination of turquoise and white very fascinating.
Yuna hijab style

Here is the tutorial from Hana on how to wear
Her hijab style: 

Then, when Yuna went to NY, her style revolutionizes. Despite all the criticisms, I still think that her new way of wearing the hijab is cool. It makes me think of India Arie.

Tribal-inspired style!
Yuna turban style

Yuna's colorful turban hijab style

This is one great idea for an evening wear. I like the dangling earrings.
Yuna with turban hijab style, leather jacket and dangling earrinngs

I absolutely love this effortless look!

She went bold with this turban style in mustard yellow. 
Yuna wears turban and printed blazer


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