I'm not really a fashion designer or even a fashionista but, recently, I'm kinda into women in hijab... Weird, because I have been wearing one since 2000. Only lately I think I feel so at ease wearing a hijab. Previously, it was a dilemma between wanting to wear what Hollywood royalties wear and wanting to wear modest but fashionable clothes. I guess that was why I got so caught up in style previously...I couldn't make up my mind!

So, as I was browsing the net, these are what I found...

Who can escape from putting Hana Tajima and Yuna's pics when it comes to great hijab style?

One of Dina Toki-O's best look to date. Simple yet stylish with a combination of basic white shirt, blue skinny jeans and  a pair of yellow pumps.
Dina Toki-O in blue hijab and yellow pumps

The cropped denim jacket paired with nude ensemble looks great on this fashionista.

These following pictures taken from Indah Nada Puspita's blog (Indonesian fashion designer who resides in Germany):

I adore her dress! The look is perfected with a pair of matching Mary-Janes.

Her tribal look is completed with black hijab that has tassles at the end.
Indah Nada Puspita in tribal / ethnic look or style

I specially like the tassle earrings on her. 
Indah Nada Puspita is wearing tassles earrings with hijab

Aishah Amin is one of my fave Malaysian fashion bloggers. She is stylish but covers her aurat perfectly, especially for a plus size beauty like her.
Aishah Amin in fishtail nude skirt

What I love about this look is that she cleverly combines baju kurung bottom with a modern top. It looks perfect!

The following pictures are randomly selected from various sources:

This fashionista from abroad is wearing a hooded emerald cardigan with tribal themed bib necklace.

The fuchsia hijab actually adds a sense of fun to the whole look.

it's Nada again! Very edgy with her studded bangles and black eyeliner.

Dian Pelangi! The young fashion designer from Indonesia, who is making waves in the fashion world. Love the leather jacket on her.
Dian Pelangi in leather jacket

I love Dian's colour combo. The emerald maxi skirt looks great with the pink top. I absolutely love the simpleness of her hijab styling.

The cut of the striped cardigan gives her an illusion of a more slender figure.

This is Maria Elena, the super crazy fashion blogger from Malaysia. I actually bumped into her once.

Ethnic inspired long cardigan and red pumps. Awesome.

View some of my amaturish styles HERE and HERE! And give some comments!

Till then. 


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