This was one of my favourite memories of 2010 but I have forgotten to post this story...Who would have guessed that I would get a free hair makeover by Simon Koh, the handsome and charming Director of Elle Studio, located at Plaza Pelangi, Johor Bahru, Malaysia. 

This was for a seminar and hair demo for Elle Studio to expand their business to Vietnam. When a dear friend told me about it, I just had to say yes. So, I went to the studio one evening for models selection. As Simon decided that I have a very nice hair, I was chosen for the event.My friend had decided that she wasn't going to participate as she wanted to keep her hair. However, she received free hair colouring session and a digital perm worth almost MYR300.

I arrived as early as 8a.m. that day. I was wearing a black Giordano tee and a Levi's bootcut strechable pants.

Watching the other models getting ready. The salon's make up artist just had to put make up on the other models' first as I was the only one who came prepared with basic day makeup (professional models do that). Furthermore, it is safer for my sensitive skin to use other people's makeup brushes.

So, there I was, bored waiting..

My breakfast for the day - currypuff

eye makeup using M.A.C. black tie eyeshadow
Makeup done

Watching Elle Studio staff to get ready for the Vietnamese to come for the seminar..

Waiting to go out on stage from 10am to 12:30pm with wet hair! Can you believe that I actually waited from 8a.m. to 12:30p.m.?

Fion accidentally posed for my candid shot!

hair models for Elle Studio
Phototaking session with the other models, participants and staff..Felt weird being the only Malay in the room. There was one hair stylist who didn't know I am a Malay until he realized that I didn't respond to his chat. I could only smile to him.

I love this pic.Rasa macam pengacara TV3 pulak..

bob hair cut for black / raven / asian hair

Did my own makeup except for my eyes - done by the salon's make up artist :-

Artistry Balancing Foundation in Bronze, Artistry Transluscence Powder, Artistry Blusher in Pink Passion.

M.A.C. Black Tied Velvet, Loreal Color Appeal, Maybelline Volume Express Mascara in Dark Brown


Artistry Lip Creme in Neutrale, Silkygirl Lipliner in Nude, Artistry Lip Gloss in Bloom

Loreal Kerastase hair shampoo and conditioner started kit from Elle Studio
Souvenir from Elle Studio - Loreal Kerastase

I had a great day despite being the only Malay in the room. The staff was really friendly. They even bought halal food specially for me. It was nice to be exposed to the industry. I had the chance to learn a thing or two about hair as Simon had to speak in English because all of his guests were Vietnamese.

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