Bila Nak Kahwin?

I dunno about other people but I think for those who are in my age range would be asked the most annoying question again and again, 'bila nak kahwin?'

So, the most annoying answer that I can think of is,'besok' or, if I'm attending a wedding, I'd say, 'lepas abis majlis ni, saya pulak'. It's like a checkmate, either they laugh or become as annoyed as I am. Baru padan muka, kan?

Ironically, the answer 'No' works like wonders during interviews. It seems like the million dollar answer to a million dollar question. A match made in heaven! Being in no rush to get married is like a plus point for you to get a job. You'd be seen as being career oriented. It's even one of the criteria to be hired, sometimes. Like my previous job requirements - SINGLE, have own transportation, etc. and etc...

And, during my interview yesterday (at a kopitiam in Subang Jaya?), I was asked,'you are single, rite?' and 'do you plan to get married anytime soon?'.So, what did I tell the interviewer? (Hesitantly) I said, ' not so soon, in a few more years, perhaps'. While the answer seems true in reality, who doesn't want to get married, as in, now? However, because of this answer, it's easier to get jobs. Now you know the secrets to being hired. Hah!

But, then again, in other areas outside your career, you have to keep on giving annoying answers to annoying questions by annoying people especially at weddings. So, what is your most annoying answer? (My fave phrase lately - very annoying - thanks to my housemate!)

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    plagiarized urs

  2. oh, i just noticed it. ok, thanks for being honest about it


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