My Bridal Makeup Debut - Using Artistry by Amway

 First of all, I didn't have any formal background in makeup, bridal makeup, in particular. This is actually a request from a long-time friend. I realized, bridal makeup is really different from modelling makeup techniques that I have learned when I was in the varsity. For years, I have been only using the same techniques specially for castings. So, I guess, doing make up for bridal is different, especially  the eye makeup.


Base for the face is done using  Maybelline BB Cream. It acts as a base to the foundation applied later on. Since the bride's complexion is flawless, the same BB cream is used to cover her minimal eyebag problem.

I prefer to use my hands as the warmth from my hands helps to optimize the absorption of the foundation onto the skin. For this particular event, I am using Artistry's Balancing Foundation in Golden.

Artistry makeup by Amway


The eyes are applied with: 

(1) Artistry Eye Colour in Persia for a slightly pinkish hue on the crease area.

(2) Artistry Eye Colour in Silk for highlights on the brow bone.
(3) Artistry Eye Colour in Rich to create depth and an illusion of wide eyes, the lids are lined with 

The eye makeup is finished with black eyeliner and mascara from Maybelline. Since false eye lashes will not be used, I have to make sure at least four coats of mascara are applied.


The lips, firstly, is lined with Silky Girl lipliner in Nude. This lipliner has been my favourite since forever. After that, Artistry Lip Colour Sheer in Ballerina is applied to all over the lips using a lip brush from Artistry Cosmetic Brush Set.

To ensure lip colour to last longer, the same nude lipliner is run all over the lips on top of the lipstick. This is important as the bride may have to take pictures soon after eating or drinking. The colour of lipliner stays longer than a lipstick does.

Lastly, to set the lips, use Artistry Lip Shine in Bloom.

Final readjustment of the shawl.

Final touch ups.

simple bridal makeup

The face is sculpted using Artistry 3D Face Powder especially along the bridge of the nose and the sides of the cheeks.

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Job done for the day!

Taking pictures with our photographer, Deed Adiani together with the newly weds.

We didn't miss to snap the picture of the wedding cake.

We wish both the bride and groom a blissful marriage ahead! Amin..

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