A Day at Puteri Harbour, Nusajaya.

It was just a normal day until my close friend, Deed, and I decided to take pictures at Puteri Harbour. It is located at Nusajaya, Johore, West Malaysia. What a place! Here are some of pictures of me that my friend snapped. 

Inside of the clubhouse at Puteri Harbour.
This picture was taken inside the clubhouse. Deed asked me to pose at the glass window, near the staircase at second floor. 

Near the sculpture at the main entrance towards Puteri Harbour
HIJAB Fareeda | DRESS Little Winged One | PANTS Polo Ralph Lauren

I love this picture. It's because the dress that I wore was actual almost the same colour with the sculpture. I love the fact that Heliconia sp. plants became the background of this shot.

Foyer of the clubhouse, Puteri Harbour.
This shot was taken inside the clubhouse, at the foyer to be exact. The interior was nice and calming. The sign 'Make a rendezvous with fresh air and fresh brew' was a cool background for the shot.

Close up. By the marina, at the back of the clubhouse, Puteri Harbour.
 I sat by the marina, at the back of the clubhouse. This photo has not been edited. I kinda did my own make up with Artistry. It was surprising the make up didn't melt as it was a freaking hot day!

Landscape area at the back of the clubhouse, Puteri Harbour.
 I like this shot. With hymenocallis sp. (Spider Lily) in front of me, it is a nice picture.

With the marina as my background, at the back of the clubhouse, Puteri Harbour.
 Here's my favourite. I actually looked really tall in this shot. It was a bit scary to climb up the structure as the water was just below me.
Sitting at one of the benches at the landscape area at the back of the clubhouse, Puteri Harbour.

I had a great day. We ended the day with our late lunch at Jusco Bukit Indah, which is only a few minutes' drive from the site. Thanks Deed for such great shots!

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