If you guys happen not to know that I was a landscape architect before (yes, I'm using past tense). The following is actually one of my biggest freelance job (a client of my own). I was happy to design and build the whole thing. I managed to do it because I had a great team with me (one Indonesian girl who knows it all and a really funny Chinese driver)..So, here is the outcome!

 The first design involved a 1200mm wide Balinese stone panel and a water feature. The client wanted everything to be green..No colourful plants..He wanted his garden to look natural..

artist's impression of a courtyard garden with Balinese touch

This is the softscape and hardscape pallette..

Planting pallette for tropical / balinese landscape design

However, since the client thought that the Balinese Stone was a bit pricey, I switched to plan B..


This is the softscape and hardscape pallette..

Here are the photos of the outcome..The client was really happy..It was his best Hari Raya, I think..

Full view of the courtyard garden. It is taken from the 2nd design but we emitted the hanging ferns, as requested by owner. The centre of the courtyard is left void to prepare some space for a water feature that will be installed in the future.

Two colours of pebbles..

Side view of the garden. Seen here are glazed pebbles which create colour to the green pallette. Cyathea latebrosa creates hierarchy to the overall composition.

Another view of the garden. Slaginella sp. are arranged at the foreground of the composition to create a sense of continuity as well as to hide terracotta pots for a more natural look.

Asplenium nidus - the owner's favourite plant.

Calathea lutea..

potted Calathea lutea

I was really happy with the results too!

Aleda can be contacted through email or via Whatsapp 019 666 3660

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