A list of the most common comedogenic ingredients

Here is a list of comedogenic ingredients in makeup products. I can't remember the website I actually obtained the list from but I wanna share the list nonetheless.

In case you are wondering what comedogenic ingredients actually are, a comedogenic ingredient is basically something that will clog pores

If these chemicals/oils are put onto the acne prone skin, breakouts will most likely to happen. Even individuals that would not have otherwise developed acne can experience “cosmetic acne” due to use of comedogenic products.

A list of the most common comedogenic ingredients:-

-Acetylated Lanolin

-Algae Extract
-Butyl Sterate
-Cocoa Butter
-Coconut Butter
-Coconut Oil
-Colloidal Sulfur
-Corn Oil
-D and C Red #17,21,3
-Glyceryl Stearate SE
-Isocetyl Stearate
-Isopropyl Isostearate
-Isopropyl Myristate
-Isopropyl Palmitate
-Laureth 23, 4
-Lauric Acid
-Myristic Acid
-Octyl Palmitate
-Octyl Stearate
-PEG 75 Lanolin
-PEG 16 Lanolin
-PEG 8 Stearate
-Propylene Glycol Monostearate
-Sodium Chloride
-Sodium Laureth Sulfate
-Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
-Soybean Oil
-Wheat Germ Oil

Therefore, try to avoid products that contain these ingredients. Do not rely on the packaging to tell you if a product is oil free or non-comedogenic, just read through the list of ingredients used. Now that you know, an expensive makeup product does not mean that it's good. It depends on the ingredients used.



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