Kate Moss - Street Fashion Inspiration for Hijabis

Suddenly, today I wanna talk about style. I am a BIG fan of Kate Moss. Not only does her style is classic, it is effortless and my kind of everyday style. You cannot go wrong with this style as it takes you places. What I love is the fact that she loves skinny / bootleg jeans, designer handbags (either tote, bowling, boho or clutch) in basic black, classic cut jackets or blazers, black stockings and black knee-high boots. What I love about most of her streetwear is that it can be an inspiration for hijabis fashion or muslimah wear.

This is classic! I love her coat. It goes well with her yellowish grey skinny jeans and black top.

Kate Moss in yellowish grey skinny jeans and camel trench coat

I love this look!

Kate Moss in dusty pink skinny pants and black shirt and heels

This is also my favourite: checkered shirt, skinny jeans and black ankle length boots...

Kate Moss in flannel shirt, skinny jeans and black cowboy boots

She is always a fan of anything black but her outfits never go boring. She is always spotted with classic vests, hats in neutrals, her Jackie-O's / aviators and printed scarves. 

Kate Moss's style seems effortless, but the truth is, only her can pull that kind of look. After all, she is named as the Best Dressed of 2005 by a survey in Grazia magazine and topped other stylish celebs, like Sienna Miller, Scarlett Johanson and Victoria Beckham.

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